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“I cannot believe how easy Partake is making my days on the Beverage Cart! I've cut out over 2 hours of manual paperwork, inventory tracking, and restocking that I used to have to do every shift...meaning I get more time on the course, which equals more sales, more tips!

Madison, Falconhead Beverage Cart Employee

“I've never seen a team so dedicated to giving our course tools that are instantly increasing basket size, driving efficiency, creating excitement from the staff, and giving me insight into inventory and any potential shrinkage or issues. This is and will be the new standard of excellent service!”

Laura Gunia, Falconhead General Manager

“This app understands every golfer's needs. Reliable and easy to use.”

Andrew Lefaive



“Awesome app for golf. I find this highly useful when playing with friends. Very easy to navigate and control. Great support and communication.”

John Calandro

“Partake is amazing! The digital scorecard keeps track of everything I would ever need and it's so easy! Delivery from the clubhouse straight to me?! Yes please! Totally recommend.”

Dallas Golfer 1956

“As an avid golfer, I'm always looking into all of the new golf apps created. Partake is hands down my favorite yet, very user friendly and offers everything i need on the course at the tip of my fingers. ”


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