Discover how to leverage our platform to increase overall revenues, attract and retain more golfers and improve the experience.

Partake connects your employees with your guests throughout their entire golfing experience. Improve Pace of Play, deliver a fast turn, and no more collecting credit cards.
Access to real-time sales and inventory management that saves hours a day in labor, and gives management insight into operations, no matter where they are!
Partake’s insights gives you the tools to connect, innovate, and know your customers like never before.
Intelligent and flexible order routing that allows you to manage active orders anywhere in real time.
Engage with your customers before, during, and after their experience.
Manage your Food, Beverage, Retail, and Labor all from one integrated platform.

“I cannot believe how easy Partake is making my days on the Beverage Cart! I’ve cut out over 2 hours of manual paperwork, inventory tracking, and restocking that I used to have to do every shift…meaning I get more time on the course, which equals more sales, more tips!”

-Falconhead Employee

“I’ve never seen a team so dedicated to giving our course tools that are instantly increasing basket size, driving efficiency, creating excitement from the staff, and giving me insight into inventory and any potential shrinkage or issues. This is and will be the new standard of excellent service!”

-Falconhead General Manager

Know your guests
Learn about your guests with aggregate and real-time data. We’ll show you who our guests are, what when and how they like to order, and a lot more data to help you make more informed decisions about your operations.

Know your operations
Make real-time data-driven decisions that help you improve operations, increase efficiency, and maximize revenue opportunities.

Increase customer order value
Encourage guests to buy more and come back more often by having analytics to help you exceed expectations. A study of Partake’s client transactions shows a 50-95% increase in average check value!

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